#3 Most Investable Club


History in American soccer is so important, because few have it. The tradition of sport is what keeps fans engaged generation after generation. The Bavarians were founded in 1929 as Fussball Club Bayern and later rebranded to Milwaukee Bavarians SC in 1956. While the club had a history of winning and competing for State Championships, it wasn’t until 1976 that the club would become a National Champion (USASA National Amatuer Cup). To date the club has won eight national titles, consistent league playoff contender and Open Cup qualifier.

There once was a time where soccer was the dominant sport in the country. Attendance numbers would hit in the tens of thousands out drawing its sporting rival baseball. It was a sport that was brought by immigrants, much like the German immigrants who founded Fussball Club Bayern, but as other sports were deemed more American, soccer and the historic immigrant clubs were no longer in the spotlight. Investing in the Bavarians puts the entire culture on a pedestal. It shows a true history of our sport, one that was created through passion for the game and tradition.

In its present-day form Milwaukee Bavarians SC is a developed organization that offers soccer from the youth levels to adult, for both men and women. The expanse of the men’s side has a recent history of winning in the UPSL and now look to repeat that same success in the MWPL, an up and coming regional league that includes some of the best clubs in the country.

Milwaukee Bavarians SC is known for winning. Winning gets the best players, coaches and fans. A winning culture takes decades to build, which is why there aren’t many clubs, in any sport, that get to make a claim at being a dynasty. An investment in the Milwaukee Bavarian Dynasty brings all of the club’s history, stories and culture to the forefront of American soccer.